Thursday, 10 July 2008


I passed all but one of my exams :D

OK, so I failed one, but with the way I felt most of last term I really don't mind. I really thought I was heading for 3/4 resits. Unless there is a miracle, my chances of becoming a Solicitor are almost nil now, but never mind. Such is life. I'm just glad that I managed to pass more exams than I ever thought I would. I even managed to get a 2:1 in my second family exam, and I thought I'd failed it!

On Tuesday I went bowling. In the first game I got every score above 7 and got over 100 overall. In the second I got 26. Go figure. I improved in the 3rd, but still only got 69 with 10 points help. Ah well.

Music: Lostprophets - Last Summer *love*
Socks: None

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Dunc said...


that's what.. 1.3 pins a go?