Wednesday, 1 October 2008

The Joys of Wii Ownership

This man talks sense

All I want is to be able to play on my lovely new Wii! Without a new remote, I can't get the TV into AV mode. I bought a new one, and unsurprisingly it's going straight back

Music: Kings of Leon - Revelry
Socks: None today :)


Jack said...

Of course he talks sense; he's Stephen Fry.

Apart from on his most recent podcast. That one infuriated me.

I'd always said that I could listen to Stephen Fry telling me that my whole family had been wiped out in an accident at an abattoir and I'd still feel happy, but hearing him whinge about the supposed injustices of health and safety regulations was just too much.

Amie said...

Well of course that's true. I love how he wrote that article just as I discovered how horrible they are. He seems to ignore the fact that even the very basic ones are utterly useless too though, even when you only have a single TV to control with it.