Monday, 26 May 2008

Time To Pretend

Why is it that I want to tidy? I'm in the mood to tidy. It's not just procrastinating tidying either. I properly want to tidy my room, and then clean it for good measure. I NEVER want to tidy! What the hell is happening to me?! My room is usually a tip. I finally want to clean/tidy and I can't because I have revision to do. Having said that, the exam is at 2pm tomorrow and I can't remember anything. Revision with a migraine isn't a great idea, but I don't have much choice. At this rate I'll be revising for much of tonight then going to bed stupidly late and getting up just before the exam. The other option would be to go to bed early and revise tomorrow morning, but I can't see me getting up any time before 12. Sod's law strikes once more.

For the last few days I've not been wearing socks. I've hardly left my bed. I've just been sat on/in my bed reading Key Facts books. It's almost like everyone here is brainwashed by sun. The first bit of sun appears, and everyone runs to the beach for sunbathing/revision during the day, with beach BBQ/parties every night. The skirts and boardies become like an unofficial uniform with everyone wearing flip-flops. The sun then disappears and nothing changes. We're all stuck in the 'Summer Uniform' until October. Even in the rain it feels like there's something wrong with being by the beach and wearing jeans. I'm not complaining though. I love living here.

Music: We Are Scientists - Lousy Reputation

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Dunc said...

I shall be room tidying today instead of revising :)

At least I'll be doing something productive!