Thursday, 15 May 2008


It's been a while since I last updated. Too long really but I've been busy. I keep starting posts and never getting around to finishing them before I'm distracted. I've got so much to do at the moment but I never know what to do first so nothing gets done.

5th May: CSS/The Futureheads/MGMT
It's fairly safe to say that that day led to me hating Arriva Trains Wales more than ever. First Great Western have a pretty poor reputation, but at least they have nice trains and in this case at least they got me to Cardiff. Getting on a train, it breaking and having to get off again without even leaving the station was not a good start. I then found out that the next train wasn't running and I wouldn't be leaving until 6.30. With doors at 7 and the band I wanted to see on first, I wasn't happy. Pulling out of the station an hour after we were supposed to didn't leave me exactly confident that we'd make it in time. This wasn't helped when we pulled out of the station and stopped for 10 mins. Luckily catching up time on the way and crossing Cardiff in record time meant that I'd only missed 5/10 mins of MGMT. I'd heard various reports about their live shows, so wasn't sure how much to expect from them, but I was really glad I've seen them. They didn't play the one song I really wanted to see, but at least I didn't miss it. When I was at the bar after they'd finished, it became apparent that a lot of people had gone purely to see them. The Futureheads followed and weren't that great. They have the odd song I like, but just didn't seem to be on form. After the stage was reset and loads of balloons appeared for the end of filming. I tried to get one of the balloons passed into the crowd but spectacularly failed. It made for fun spotting people as they walked through Cardiff afterwards anyway. CSS were good, but not as good as MGMT. The songs went down well but the set was full of new songs, as it was being filmed for a MTV special and it was the first time they'd ever played most of them. Overall it was good, but the best band were on first and I came out still singing Mystery Jets songs from a few days before.

Since then I've not been to any more gigs but I have had fun, with the exception of getting ill for a few days. It wiped me out last weekend, but at least the weather was good so I relaxed on the beach and eventually I'm feeling better. I fail at revision in a big way so I'll do something I'm good at by having fun. Foam party, a stupid number of beach parties in glorious sun, BBQs, trips to Siro's, shopping and a trip to an Indian come to mind. I may fail the year, but at least this year is memorable. Cramming really is my only option.

Music: Delays - Pieces
Socks: Not worn any in days, it's flip-flops weather :D

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