Wednesday, 30 April 2008


I seem to have developed a nasty evil addiction. It is slowly taking over my life. I am actually quite fearful of what will happen when I run out of what I want. I'm sure I'll cope...somehow, but I'm not looking forward to it one bit. I could get more, but life isn't that easy. I may force myself to face the withdrawal.

I'm addicted to aniseed balls. Mmm, sweet aniseedy goodness in one tiny little mouthful.

Despite this, it's been quite a good day so far. Spending the day in flipflops in the sun is nice, especially when a trip to get shoes reheeled ends in buying 2 more pairs too. Oh and coffee frappucinos, and bagels. Yum and yum.

Music : Bloc Party - Flux (I have a lot of love for Bloc Party)
Socks: Today is a sunny sockless day.

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