Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Post :D

What arrived through my front door this morning was an envelope. Inside the envelope was this...
Aren't WeePOP Records fantastic? I order one CD, and it comes in its own little envelope with a handwritten note, badge and a tasty orange sweet. Orange = my favourite.

Inside the little envelope was this...

One 3" CD in handmade card case, complete with furry animal on the front (available in about 6 different colours!), one yellow handmade authenticity card ( I got 36/160), a little booklet with tracklisting and band details and little pictures, and a sticker.

How lovely.
The lovely band in question are Little My. They supported Los Campesinos! in Cardiff, and although we didn't get much chance to see them, I thought they were...lovely. 12 people on one stage with glockenspiels, recorders, kazoos and whatever it seemed they could buy from Early Learning Centre's music section made the sort of noise with a shambolic charm that made me smile. They, in their own words, can be compared to the sound of a primary school music lesson. They are twee and perhaps overly so, but totally unashamed about it. 'All But The Beeps Meep' will be the perfect song to listen to on the walk into uni as the weather gets nicer, on the days that I can walk along the beach in my flipflops and sunglasses.

Music : Little My - All But The Beeps Meep
Socks: Two different striped sailor ones.

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